02 August 2012

En plein air by Rick Silva

En plein air is an ongoing project by Rick Silva. It is a collection of images and GIFs which Rick creates en plein air "in the open air" using his laptop and various 3d softwares. As he says, Rick takes his laptop outside and seeing what he can creates while reacting to the immediate terrain and elements.

"Silva's "En plein air" is an ultimately logical endeavor considering the artist's mariage of natural and technological material and imagery in his practice. Here Silva is producing computer based works on location – in the open air – in the tradition of the impressionists. We are offered a prolific output of images offering a glimpse at the artist's perspective as communicated through the manipulation of software. In many ways the animated gifs and still images produced by Silva are documentation – an attempt to capture and digitize nature." See more;

USED Magazine asked to Rick; En plein air, the french expression for in the open air, used in painting.. why did you choose to name it this?

Rick Silva: Yes, it is a reference to that painting style. Taking a computer outdoors, using 3D software to create the images, and posting those images on a website is like an updated version of En plein air. Of course, making art outside has a history that goes back thousands of years, but the term En plein air has some specific connotations that I like. One is that it is often associated with the Impressionist painters, and a common technique of theirs was to work with the materiality of paint, to let it smear and pile up so that it looks simultaneously like a summer landscape and globs of paint. On enpleinair.org I let the digital processes show by including the rendering artifacts and polygon glitches.
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