16 August 2012

Emilie Gervais & Sarah Weis

 ✡_✡ Strawberry from ♡ ♥ Forever Life ♥ ♡ at  Fach and Asendorf Gallery

✧_✧ Emilie Gervais and Sarah Weis have been blinking hard and doing great work together lately. Since they started the ♡ ♥ Blinking Girls ♥ ♡ project, they have been involved in numerous online projects and shows such as an ongoing exhibition at Fach and Asendorf Gallery called ♡ ♥ Forever Life ♥ ♡ which are the hottest GIFs I have ever seen so far, ♡ ♥ Blinking Girls Cave ♥ ♡ show at Apache Projects, and another ongoing show called ≡ ♥ Blinking Frame ♥ ≡ at Caesura Gallery. They tell us all about these projects. See more;

♡ ♥ Blinking Girls ♥ ♡

⭐_⭐ 's first ever real-time online interaction was centered around Tasha, the black haired girl blinking in the Leisure Suit Larry Land of the Lounge Lizards-Trailer (1987) - http://youtu.be/XqXpWJhsuaI. After a lipstick-related chat, girls exploded blinking. http://blinkinggirls.com became the main signifier of the project.

⺥_⺥ ♡ ♥ Blinking Girls ♥ ♡ is requesting blink submissions on http://blinkinggirls.com/submit to expand its collection. Each girl is carefully considered, though some have to go through a cosmetology treatment, and if they make the cut, they are pimped on various websites, most of the time as heavy dickclitting ♡ ♥ Blinking Girls ♥ ♡.
 Future plans are in this body.

♡_♡ When ♡ ♥ Blinking Girls ♥ ♡ can get satisfaction, a blinking loving might occur. *

 ♡ ♥ Forever Life ♥ ♡ at Fach and Asendorf Gallery 

∩_∩ presents 8 gifs all based on Jima, a tumblr sex bomb. She was made iconic for this exhibition 
because she is an exciting hot shemale who really embodies ♡ ♥ Forever Life ♥ ♡. Breathing heavily right now. The glitch is pure cum, used mainly for its *feeling* while still being consciously used for its concept, aesthetic & genre. It’s all ♡ ♥ Forever Life ♥ ♡. It’s 
impossible to reach climax without glitching. Experimented beforehand. (The pieces below and the top one are courtesy Fach and Asendorf Gallery, the first GIF below is an exclusive piece from the same series which hadn't been displayed online yet)

See the whole ongoing exhibition here

♡ ♥ Blinking Girls Cave ♥ ♡ at Apache Projects 

░_░ occurred on July 24th at Apache Projects, an open source exhibition site formerly located in a cave at Mother Neff State Park [Moody, Texas]. The original piece for the show was rejected at the last minute by the local park authorities. Instead, ipads, laptops & iphones were exhibited, displaying different ♡ ♥ Blinking Girls ♥ ♡ accessories. The event’s description as written by Nate Hitchcock, director of Apache Projects, can be found here.

≡ ♥ Blinking Frame ♥ ≡ at Caesura Gallery 

⚡_⚡ is a contextualized blink based on http://blinkingsite.com: hijacked ergotherapy, an exponential blinking vortex for a simulated glitter blinking party. The latest tweet from @PimptressObject - ♡ ♥ Blinking Girls ♥ ♡ twitter account - is a description. Pure heavy blinking bb #girls. See here.

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