03 August 2012

Composition 1 by Sara Ludy

This is very exciting, Sara Ludy tells us a fully description about her new ongoing video series called Composition. It is an interesting evolution on Ludy's practice through tridimensional environments by the use of basic 3D tools. Sara has recently started to be familiar with these tools, her first project using 3D software was a piece called Rooms, also published here not long ago.

"Composition 1 is a video walkthrough of a spatial composition created in a 3D program. It is the first in a new series of works which explores the nature of suggested space in a virtual environment. The structure of Composition 1 is made of a single repeated image of grass forming a wall-like architecture where various 3D shapes occupy within. These elements are placed within a monochromatic gradient background, simulating distance and isolating the scene. The structure extends horizontally, allowing the camera to reveal new sections of the composition as it pans from left to right. Each section, or "room", of the composition is indicated by sound. The sound consists of a single audio loop where its duration matches that of each section. This causes the audio to change pitch, revealing the scale of each section before it is seen." See more;

"Composition 1 was quickly made with a simple process utilizing photography and the most fundamental tools of a 3D program. I used a snapshot of grass, taken at an existing garden, to build the structure of a new garden-like place. Once the structure was built, 2D shapes were drawn then extruded into 3D objects. These objects were painted with a fill texture and became dynamic elements in the otherwise rigid space. Sound was composed, adding to the architecture of the environment.

One of my interests with this project is to build a series of virtual environments where the analogy made with real environments is open and uncertain. Created using the most basic tools in 3D modeling, these compositions embrace their virtual nature as studies suggesting space through minimal means." - Sara Ludy.