23 August 2012

Brandon Blommaert

Brandon Blommaert has lately made a stunning video series by following a similar aesthetic than his generative GIF series such as  AMERICA’S_MOST_HAUNTED / TWO / THREE,  ENDOR_SANCTUARY_MOON_C+D, and other series which he has created since he started using the GIF format some years ago, highly recommendable to check out his work. This pastel aesthetic and the minimalist generative movements and forms have become a great reference of Blommaert who has decided to evolve with onto the video format by joining the movement with the sound, btw a great sound  by Tomb Blizzard. Brandon Blommaert tells us more about these new works, see more;

"Only the first video in the series (the first one below) was made for Jim Guthrie. He did the sound track (remixed by Tomb Blizzard) for indie game the movie and wanted some people to do some videos for some of the songs from the album. I think the last 2 (_AAAAA_ and aaa[A]aaa) are a bit more cohesive / self contained pieces because the sounds where made specifically for the animation by Tomb Blizzard so I feel like the sounds and visuals mesh a bit better.

Although some people have suggested that I try to make music videos in the style of my gifs I have always resisted. I always felt like the ultra minimalist shapes wouldn't translate into a very entertaining or engaging viewing experience. It is one thing to create a loop that people can watch for as long as they want, but an entirely other thing to force people to watch something for a whole 2:30 min.

I think this is a good direction. I guess I have always been interested in the idea of synesthesia. There is allot of music that I listen to that seems to reflect some kind of physical form. and I have always wanted to capture that in some way. These are just one possible way to represent music in a physical form. But what I like about these is that the music is directly influencing the shapes in a way that I can't really control. So the results are often surprising. Hopefully they don't just look like overly elaborate screensavers... (if they do that is ok)" - Brandon Blommaert.

syncing feeling ('concrete eyelids' remix by tomb blizzard)