23 July 2012


KLAXING FLUXION is the latest piece by KOKOFREAKBEAN who continues working on his OSSITY series, being this the issue #4. As he describes it is another pseudo-glitch ragtag funk rampage designed for maximum ocular molestation. KOKOFREAKBEAN tells us more about this work and its process;
"The creation of an OSSITY involves an uncomfortable degree of nudity, a bevy of random violence that usually culminates in murder, and the occasional assistance of a Leyak. Of course, those are merely the preliminary details. The intensive labor begins with short 5-10 second animated loops created in Maya. My first concern is the visual beauty and balance/ imbalance of what is contained in these little scenes. From there, I animate the shapes and/or camera in a rhythmic way that I know will be ripe for sonic accompaniment. I create the sounds piece by piece (sometimes working from one small group of frames to the next) trying to achieve as closely as possible what I think what I'm looking at sounds like (I use Reaktor, Reason, a Micron keyboard, Kaoss pad, etc. for this task), eventually finish, and repeat the process with another loop. When I have a nice little farm of well-manicured loops at my disposal, I bring them all to the slaughterhouse (Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects) and have vicious, unhinged editing-sex with their mangled corpses." See more;

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