05 July 2012

Laura McMorrow

Some installations and video-installations by Laura McMorrow who has been exploring the interface between video and sculpture by making structures to present video as a dynamic 3D object with a physical quality that mimics the context of the video. See more;

Not of this Earth, 2012

Upon entering the space the viewer is struck by the sight of an illuminated conical structure. The monumental shape of this piece makes the viewing of video work a more physical experience. The visual representation of the projection screen with its enclosed space sets the formal structure and mirrors the optical focus of the work. The projector’s light beam takes on a material consistency; it is an exploration of perception and reality, fiction and fantasy and of interplanetary and otherworldliness.

The footage in the video was filmed using handmade sets. Materials were recorded in a state of transient movement. Styrofoam rocks tumble weightlessly along the ground, crystals are formed from jelly, and bitumen bubbles. The video asks the viewer to suspend their disbelief, and the sets and lighting techniques give the illusion of large-scale landscapes.

Imagining the hidden world, 2012

Stills from Supernatural, 2011

Roofing, 2011