04 June 2012

Solace by Nicky Assmann

Solace is a cinematic installation created by Nicky Assmann in 2011. It explores the mental process and physical activity of seeing. At regular intervals a handcrafted apparatus creates a soap film as a spatial intervention. Through precise lighting the inner movement of the soap film is revealed, showing a turbulent choreography of iridescent color and fluid motion. As gravity slowly gets a hold of the membrane the viewer can be fascinated with the phenomenon, until inevitably the fragile film bursts.  See more;

"Nicky Assmann (NL) explores in her work how the body relates to objects and spaces and refers to the concept of “wearable space”. The skin, both visible as invisible is a recurring metaphor in her work and is extended into the space. This phenomenological approach results in the use of different media, like wearable technology (embodied instruments), performance, soap film and light installations. With these spatial installations she creates dynamic and temporary spaces in which the sensorial experience takes a central point."

Solace is distributed by the V2_Agency, V2_Institute for the Unstable Media,