27 June 2012

Masako Tanaka & Oval

Loving this digital madness! The following videos are from a collaboration work based on 10-channel audiovisual installations between Tokyo-born visual artist Masako Tanaka and musician Markus Popp aka Oval. These works were created for a ten-screen panoramic AV performance space with multi-channel audio at Recombinant Media Labs’ CineChamber.

"This is a visual representation of Oval's early 2000’s period delving to visually simulate the fragmentary and densely layered sound blasts with irregular textured and complex percussive elements; as the listeners perceive Oval’s intricate integration of processed audible electrical glitches and tonal instrumental sources with their eyes" - Masako Tanaka. See more;

Oval - Halveplane, 2011
10-channel audiovisual installation

Oval - Sol v3.5, 2011
10-channel audiovisual installation

Oval - Flam v4.2, 2011 
10-channel audiovisual installation