14 June 2012

Korakrit Arunanondchai

Korakrit Arunanodchai's work plays with everything and its opposite: he makes abstracted derivatives of Hieronymous Bosch paintings, and hyperreal integrals of his own pieces, creating a visual calculus, a study of change, limits, and infinity. See more;

"Arunanondchai weaves such icons as the snake, the cross, and the jewel throughout his art: they are items readymade in meaning, connoting a million disparate things in different contexts. This art asks, in this moment, what does the transmigrated symbol mean? The artist transforms not only the symbol and Bosch's art, but also his own pieces, creating more and more abstracted iterations of them until they can exists only as solitary objects, installed in a fantasy gallery in a digital world." - Columbia University.



In Progress 2011