12 June 2012

Green Waves by Nicolas Sassoon

Green Waves is the latest great GIF series by Nicolas Sassoon, it is part of a collaboration with Kenzo who says; "Green Waves was inspired by the new Kenzo Spring Summer 2012 prints. Using a green and black moiré pattern, the abstract series is evocative of tropical water scenes: waterfalls cascading, movements of large bodies of water and ripples over the surface." See more;

Nicolas has started another similar Kenzo-inspired GIF series focused on a different color and landscape, they will be featured at Kenzine. I really like the first one called Red Sea.
He has also recently launched his new website where you can find several unpublished works and documentation about his past and current projects >>> http://www.nicolassassoon.com/

NOTE: The real size for each piece is 900px x 900px, so click the following GIFs to see the the right size (if your screen is 24" or bigger, or you will see it right if you are seeing this through RSS-feed. Anyway you can see the complete series on his blog.