26 June 2012

General Manifold by Spatial Ops

General Manifold, 2012 by Spatial Ops_
"General Manifold is an immersive architectural environment installed in the abandoned Federal Screw Works factory complex in Chelsea, Michigan. This installation was the centerpiece of a collective exhibition organized by the architectural collaborative Spatial Ops and students from their Meta Friche research seminar at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

General Manifold reacts to the derelict context of the former industrial site, providing a moment of surprise and punctuation to the event. A mysterious magenta void is carved from the perceived solid of the factory’s central work area, generating a space of geometric complexity, chromatic contrast, and optical distortion. A series of precise cuts in the truncated pyramids produces an effect of perspectival inversion, causing the visitor to question the depth, dimension, and scale of this aberrant environment." - Spatial Ops. See more;

"Inside General Manifold, the visitor encounters a 6-channel soundscape consisting of spatially localized and syncopated industrial sounds layered over readings of seminal ruin texts from the 18th and 19th centuries (John Ruskin, Viollet le Duc, Bernadin de St. Pierre, Denis Diderot)."

ARCHITECT: Spatial Ops, PROJECT: General Manifold, CITY: Chelsea, SCALE: 700 sf inserted into 80,000 sf, TEAM: Melissa Bonfil, Virginia Black, Peyton Coles, Joey Filippelli, Brittany Gacsy, Chris Reznich, Michael Sanderson, Jeeeun Ham, Jennifer Komorowoski, Kyung Jin Hong, Jordan Johnson, Brian Muscat, Ash Thomas, Catherine Truong REINFORCEMENT: Bruce Findling, Nathan Doud, James Chestnut, Jason Stock.