14 June 2012

Floating shiny knot

Floating shiny knot is a website which presents a virtual sculpture into a virtual world created by lots of  Google street view textures. The user can visit almost every place by searching the place or clicking on the map (on the top-right). It is possible to use two different textures for the shiny knot object, one chrome (pic above) and another glass (first pic below), it's really nice to see the environment reflected on. The project was created by @thespite (code), built with three.js, tweaking and optimisations by @mrdoob and it was inspired on Paul Lewis' Create your own environment maps article.  See more;

Floating shiny knot remind me a lot to The Digit by Slava Balasanov. Both are virtual chrome sculptures into the real but virtual world, in the case of Floating shiny knot the user uses the website and for The Digit the user must be IRL in Union Square, NY to see the chrome double-sided finger through the iPhone as it is an iPhone application.

I took some screenshots around Tokyo (click images to enlarge), feel free to go everywhere, visit the website here.