21 June 2012

Div/Contour by Joe Hamilton

One week ago Appendix Project Space presented Div/Contour, the latest work created by Joe Hamilton. It is a new looped browser-based work which brings a great interactive experience to the visitor by scrolling the own website. Div/Contour will be available to view at www.appendixspace.com through the end of June (after the launch,  the website will be hosted on Joe's website or at its own domain).

Joe Hamilton tells us more about the project; "Div/Contour is composed in nine sections that connect and loop in various ways. They move positions, hide, unhide and repeat to create an endless scrolling landscape. Various online image search tools were uses to collect source material for the project. The keywords of traverse, natural and artificial were the initial starting point and the visual concept expanded from there." See more;

"Tracking, mapping or visualising paths and spaces has been integral to gaining an understanding of the places we inhabit. While moving through modern spaces online and offline, spatial reference points are in constant flux. As the connection between physical locality and place becomes disjointed, how do we piece together a new conception of space? The cubists grappled with the problem of representing time as part of space. Now, we grapple with the idea of space unbounded by our traditional notions of geographical distance.

Div/Contour is an artwork composed of materials and objects drawn together in a single disjointed path of wandering. Both in the process of construction and through the aesthetic experience of the work, a new mode of geographically unbounded travel is created." - Appendix Project Space.

See Div/Contour at the start page of www.appendixspace.com
See also hypergeography.tumblr.com, 2011 by Joe Hamilton.