04 June 2012

Broken Gradients by Manuel Fernández

Broken Gradients is the latest work of Manuel Fernández, it consists in a unique printed series of glitchy compositions created by hand using only Photoshop. Manuel has used a different color palette for each print, presenting 9 vertical gradiently landscapes distorted by dividing and displacing them in horizontal or vertical strips. See more;

Manuel Fernández has recently made some interesting online based works, see them on his website. Also he has launched the last month of May a new curatorial project in form of an online gallery called DOMAIN GALLERY focused on digital and internet based art, which is featuring its first show "reCAPCHAT" by Jimpunk through next June 12, 2012. The gallery will present a new show every month. 

All the pieces from Broken Gradients series are the same size; Chromogenic print / Aluminum frame. 50x70 cm. 51x71 cm framed. Unique