08 May 2012

Victor Morales

Victor Morales performances with tridimensional environments usually using a game engine called Cryengine. His solo work consists of an exploration of video game engines as simulation environments, where death and physics are transformed into dramatic and comedic real time performance. 
Victor tells us more about his work; "I work with video game engines to make visual art. I usually show my visuals in live performances, generally in collaboration with other artists: musicians, dancers, actors and other visual artists. I like using this medium in performance because of its real time nature, I can trigger my images live, so it is a perfect tool for performance. I like to explore the surreal and psychedelic, and my process of making images is about the pursuit of "errors, glitches and wrongdoings" within these amazing pieces of software; in other words I try to "misuse" the software to find unexpected, unnatural and unique moving images. I generally use the Cryengine and it's Sanbox Editor, which in my opinion is the most powerful digital visual tool out there; sometimes I like to use the Source Engine and its developer tools combined with Garry's Mod. I like to modify these engines to get my own look and feel, and, whenever possible, i make original textures, models and write my own code." See more;

The first video below consists in a kind of "portfolio" where Victor Morales has mixed a lot of works he performed in real time. Here you can see an example about a performance Victor made with Hannes Strobl and Ulrike Sowodniok at Festspielhaus St. Pölten. Based on Schubert's Winterreise. And the last video here on the posts shows a full piece called "Vogelstimmen".


"This is a piece "performed" along Messiaen's "en Sourire". It was performed with the TonKünstler Orchestra at the Festspielhaus in St Pölten, Austria on September 26, 2009. As you can see in the beginning I "attempted" to montage the visuals to the music, an idea that I abandoned towards the second part of the piece (after the fade out). I most say that this piece simply "intersects" the music, I am not looking for representation or marriage of media/meaning; I am just looking for intersections a la Venn's diagram. 
I used the cryengine 2 to make the 3d space/map. I performed it using quartz composer to control the montage in realtime and to add some effects. This version is NOT real time and it is missing most of the effects."