07 May 2012

Spontaneous Symmetry Violation .01

Spontaneous Symmetry Violation .01 (2003) by Recursion VideoLab, 1h 10 min of great visual video manifestations, according with Jason Stephens, more madness from the VHS vaults of the VideoLab. "Recursion VideoLab is a subjective science research project devoted to the exploration and expression of complex emergent behavior through a variety of video-related processes applied to immersive video environments, club visuals, performance art, video projection therapy, and intelligent healing spaces. The Video Lab consists of intertwined video mixers, cameras, computers, sensors, switches, monitors, projectors, controllers, and playback mechanisms which are organized to allow complex video patterns to emerge from simple interactions between components. The process is a type of Generative Art, related to Artificial Life, which can be understood in terms of Complexity Theory and Wolfram’s New Kind of Science. The resulting output is best described as a Dynamic Mandala or a highly evolved descendant of the creatures found in Conway’s Game of Life." See more;

Music: BOOMIN' SIDE / TRIPPER SIDE (Derek, mixed tape 1992, 0:00 - 42:00) 
Music: Digital Division | Live @ Treewood (Derek & Eric, 1993, 42:00 - end).