10 May 2012

Simone Giordano

The oil paintings by Simone Giordano are highly inspired by the digital field and electronic devices. Simone works focused on this digital aesthetic recreating some ones from the digital interfaces such as the transparent background and the selection tool both from Photoshop, texts zoom in, pixelate images and even his painting present some great glitches and errors.

"Ideas, images that evolve and out from my laptop, grainy, fragmented, transformed in a graphic editing program and then finally transferred to canvas; belong to my memory, found them recognized in that extension of our own consciousness, but which 'collective well' that is 'the network, objects that acquire a new value in my representations, the one of medium between us and our deeper self, the root on which to build a just ethical, technological develop consciousness on which our the future. '' - Simone Giordano. See more;

Check out the dimensions of each painting on Sime's site. All of them are oil painting on canvas.