16 May 2012

Sacrifice of the Mushroom Kings

Sacrifice of the Mushroom Kings is a 8 minute computer animated film created by animator Jonathan Monaghan. His new CGI film brings popular video game characters into the gilded age of American capitalism, as they wander around buildings built by J.P. Morgan and Philip Lehman.

Succinctly describing the film, Jonathan Monaghan says, "Sacrifice of the Mushroom Kings" depicts a lamb and a bull's journey through my own version of Super Mario's Mushroom Kingdom. The film combines elements from iconic video games with a myriad of references, such as Wall Street, Bizet's Carmen, and hair products. Taking a comparative mythology approach to certain aspects of contemporary culture, the film aims to mediate basic oppositions such as good and evil, life and death, and reality and fantasy." See more;

Sacrifice of the Mushroom Kings was exhibited during last month of January at curator's office gallery in Washington, DC. The exhibition included an 8 minute computer animated film and two prints derived from the CGI film.

The video below only shows 2min, 52sec of the film.

Prints 30" x 19" (edition 1 of 5) - Click images to enlarge (zoom 1, zoom 2)