08 May 2012

Mi Yuming - Between Reality and Virtuality

ArtGate Gallery presents a new solo exhibition called "Between Reality and Virtuality" by chinese photographic artist  Mi Yuming. The exhibition will run from May 3 through June 9, 2012 at ArtGate Gallery,  who says; "Between Reality and Virtuality blurs boundaries: the conventional photographs combined with contemporary digital techniques blur the boundary between photography and mixed media, while the surreal images question the line between reality and virtuality in our everyday lives. 
As inhabitants of a media-inundated world driven by consumerism, we are exposed to a constant stream of images, all of which are attempting to discreetly change the way we think. Mi Yuming invites the viewer to question whether their thoughts are affected by this manufactured reality, what is real and what is superficial. Her images are enlarged and exaggerated, a vivid combination of real life captured through a camera lens and a digitally created virtuality.  Mi’s virtual reality reveals her desire and struggle for individual existence." See more;