10 May 2012

Jan Willem Deiman

Jan Willem Deiman focuses on processes that explore the relationship between coincidence and design in modern architecture and technology. In his video installations and performances (based on self-written systems), geometric patterns arise that constantly renew themselves and thus disturb the previously made designs. Deiman aims to observe objectively what happens while relinquishing the control of such a system. In drawings of modern decay, he analyses the distortion of architectural constructions as well as the design on which they were initially based. Through constantly developing patterns, Jan Willem Deiman's drawings, models, and videos question the control we have over mechanical and technological production and expose the amount of external influence involved. See more;

The following works of Jan Willem Deiman are from different years and projects. I have selected some of them which follow a similar digital aesthetic and which are based on perpendicular and geometric  compositions. The work bellow, in order, are; Loom 2009, Warp Weighted B 2011,  Loom, 2010, Unillumined Corridors, 2008 and Errors and Repetition (in collapsing architecture) 2011. In this link you can see a performance called "Overpass" by Jan Willem Deiman and Tom Kok which took place in 2009  at Zennestraat, Bressels.