31 May 2012

Humming, Fast and Slow by Rainer Kohlberger

I would like to see some video where I could appreciate how these great digital surfaces move. I like the variety of textures and forms Rainer Kohlberger has created for one of his latest works called Humming, Fast and Slow. It consists in a panoramic projection presenting some glitchy compositions, monochromatic moire effects, colored blurs.. Humming, Fast and Slow was exhibited at sound:frame 2012. Festival which describes; "Rainer Kohlberger’s projection shows algorithmically generated abstract imagery, which challenges the viewer’s gaze, to thereby provide a high level of immersion. Due to blurring and wavering surfaces, the artist makes it impossible to focus the eye on one motif. One’s own perceptual field is irritated. The projected areas and patterns evolve in constant modulation. Humming, Fast and Slow is subtle in its details and at the same time energetic and puristic in its spatial experience. Rainer Kohlberger presents a fusion of abstraction and the digital, creating individual visual aesthetics. The constant drift of forms is associated with the nuanced movements in his sound – an interlude between the audio and the digital-graphics emerges." See more;