08 May 2012

Haroon Mirza - \|\|\|\| \|\|\

\|\|\|\| \|\|\ by Haroon Mirza at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen through July 1, 2012.

"\|\|\|\| \|\|\ is not a typing error but the title of a project that is part of a series of works with which Mirza is exploring the idea of site-specificity. He uses architectonic properties of exhibition spaces in various institutions in order to expose them (e.g. shadow gaps or columns). This is done economically and efficiently in that he attempts to achieve the greatest possible effect with the smallest possible intervention in the respective spaces. Mirza started with the show /\/\/\/\ /\ at the University of Michigan Museum of Art, which opened in March. Following the exhibition at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen he will conclude the three-part series in May 2012 at the Ernst Schering Stiftung in Berlin with --{}{}{} {}--{}{}{}{}--{}. The cryptic titles are typographical representations of various wave forms. As codes they represent a summary of sound and form that the artist creates in the exhibition spaces." - Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen. See more;

"Mirza also makes direct reference to the space at the Kunst Halle and reacts to its unique features. He reduces the installation to its essential, physical components and presents LED strips in their most basic form and without any supporting structures (such as the pieces of furniture he frequently uses). The artist creates three minimalist sculptures with these light chains in the primary colours red, green and blue, which are stretched between columns and walls in the first and last rooms. The sounds which the lights generate when going on and off are amplified many times and transported to the middle exhibition room, where they will be heard as a rhythmic composition. Mirza is thus transforming the Kunst Halle into a musical instrument, a vibrating resonator." 

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