31 May 2012

Event Horizon by Matthew Biederman

Event Horizon (2012) by Matthew Biederman_
"The work metaphorically explores the phenomenon of the ‘event horizon’. Understood scientifically, the term refers to the space-time beyond which events cannot affect an observer. The most common situation where this occurs naturally are the edges of a black hole, where beyond the event horizon, no light escapes and can therefore not be observed. Taken metaphorically, the event horizon can be understood as the point of perception itself."  See more;

"Event Horizon reflects on the current discourse around ‘embodied perception’ where the act of perception cannot be separated based on sense (See Noë, Alva. Out of Our Heads). We see, hear, and feel with all of our body, simultaneously as we navigate space. Following this line, the idea of the event horizon is the point at which we perceive phenomenon, and we can place ourselves at our own individual event horizons. The architecture itself has it own event horizon, the plane of scrims that not only delimit the space, but also serve as a projection plane that it both solid and porous allowing the projection to be caught and pass through, again reflection a point of contact, or horizon."

Event Horizon (2012) by Matthew Biederman
Comisioned for the 1st Biennial of Digital Art, Montreal.
Presented at Salle McLaren, Cinematheque Quebecqoise May 3 through June 10, 2012.