21 May 2012

ECCOS by Andrew Norman Wilson

A slowed-down video of Ecco the Dolphin gameplay is used to create an experimental philosophical space that focuses on the phenomena of waves, this space is called "Center for Wave Change" by Andrew Norman Wilson. He tells us more about ECCOS, a 6 hours meditation video which is part of the "Center for Wave Change", a proposal project for the ongoing Rhizome Commissions

"ECCOS is based on an .mp4 video file of the gamer “RickyC” beating the Sega Genesis game Ecco the Dolphin in just under 80 minutes. I have slowed down the original file to a duration of six hours, because six hours is the maximum duration for sequences with high audio data rates in Final Cut Pro. I have applied “echo” filters on both the audio and video tracks, and pushed all values within those filters to the maximum. Full length video coming to DVD/VHS soon. Soundtrack available on CD/Cassette soon." See more;

"ECCOS will become the source media for an experimental philosophical space I'm developing called the Center for Wave Change, in which overlapping aesthetic cues and general objectives are borrowed from both science centers and new age centers to focus on a shared interest: the phenomena of waves. Within the installation, light waves, sound waves, and water waves are manipulated as mediums for scientific display, relaxation, and aesthetic experience. These varied waves are reflected, diffused, refracted and diffracted by tools such as video projectors, projection screens, a video camera, mirrors, waterbeds, and more." - Andrew Norman Wilson.

More information about the project here.

Ecco Diagram for the installation component of Center for Wave Change.