07 May 2012

Douglas D. Prince

Douglas D. Prince_
"My creative evolution in photography is driven by my observations, my response to the environment, seeing things, and a need to manifest this vision into a tangible form. Another motivation is my curiosity about image processes and how these processes affect my perceptions. 
I’ve been working to build a personal vision where craft and content fuse, teaching me to see the world photographically. Photography is the tool I use to search my environment. For me, the medium is as important as the content in making an image and it is an integral part of the image making process. I have explored traditional and alternative processes with the same passion that I‘ve explored my environment. Whether I’m working with the camera, in the darkroom, or on the computer, I’m looking for juxtapositions, relationships and transformations that create new perceptions, fostering an insight into the elementary nature of things. I strive to make images where the ordinary is elevated to the extraordinary. I’m looking for things that I haven’t seen before." - Douglas D. Prince. See more;

Shore Lines