25 May 2012

Alex Peverett

I'm quite excited after contacting Alex Peverett to ask him about one of his latest works he made. It is a beautiful video for Poborsk, just for the track called The Nest. Alex uses different ways to create his work, both digital and analog since he started early 70's to experiment with this media. His abstract landscapes and compositions are made of many generative patterns colored as gradients, everything seems to be a careful and organized digital chaos. So I asked him the favor to introduce us to his work, to know more about which tecnologies he uses and how he does. Really interesting. See more;

"My process for creating my video works is analogous to the way in which I produce electronic & computer music, and I have been active in pursuing experiments in both interests for several decades now. Technically my studio is based around an Apple Macintosh computer but I utilise analog and digital hardware from the early 1970s to present day. For my visual work I combine Apple, Sinclair, Commodore, Atari and DOS based personal micro-computers with my expanded Rev5 Fairlight Computer Video Instrument and several other select pieces of video processing hardware.

Initially I program procedural visual patterns and gradients as a foundation for each work using nay combination of BASIC, Processing, Max/MSP/Jitter or whatever other generative pattern generating software I am currently into using. I produce and combine several versions of this initial pattern with raster graphic images, hand drawn via mouse, using software drawing tools.

This material is then treated in a way that is similar way to the way a modular synthesizer would be used and processed and re-processed in a variety of ways through different CRT monitors, cameras, prism sets, VHS decks, video hardware, frame grabbers and editing packages to produce material to edit into the final work.

In relation to using equipment from different decades I don't see my approach as either retro, modernist or futuristic, I use the carefully selected and collected hardware & software which I am most into. The tools that provide the visual textures and visual qualities that connect with me on the deepest level and also have an immediate, comfortable and inspiring physical presence and level of human user interface that is particular to my process, and which I am happy to spend many hours each day using." - Alex Peverett for Triangulation Blog.

The images below are some of his impressive computer graphic paintings made for Computers Club, as he is member of the well known digital collective. Click images to enlarge but I recommend to see their original size at Computers Club, here.

"Spa", 2012

"D.P.4.C.C.14.12.2011", 2011

"ten", 2011

"Ri", 2010