17 April 2012


I'm pleased to feature a very fresh project launched today, called NOOG. It has been created by NnfenrenMartin Böttger, Joel Baumann and Kim Asendorf.  As they say the NOOG collection is the first set of purely digital collectables known to us. There have been different versions of existing material collectables that have transgressed into the virtual world of the Internet, but these are mere extensions to sets that predominantly populate the world in a material form.

From this morning I have been exploring it, and I really like that you can customize your own NOOGs, exactly until 128 objects, where you can import your own creations as a texture, allowed transparent textures too, that's a good point to do with tridimensional objects. There are also 256 objects to collect by default.
Another great thing is that you can embed your NOOGs wherever you want, website, blog.. through an iframe, like in the example I embedded at the end of the post, and its possible to rotate and interact with them.
Each time you purchase a NOOG with your credit (it gives you 100 points of credit when you sing in),  you have to take a picture with your NOOG using the webcam, this picture will be linked with the final NOOG hosted in your album, so there is another way to be creative with. See more;

In the video below you can see how easy is to sign in http://noog.nnfenren.com/ and start to collect and customize your own NOOGs.

Use the following giftcode to get 250 credits extra!: triangulation

So, you can save the next image in your iPhone, iPad .. or download this zip and print the image as big as you want and start to collect them. 

To feel super happy, start collecting NOOGs NOW!