06 April 2012

Koen Delaere

This latest work by Koen Delaere is really beautiful, I'm loving the color palette used for each different gradient. Koen has made this work for featuring it on NOVA Festival which has started 2 days ago in Sao Paulo at MIS. This work consists in a bunch of printed stuff which will be the background for an "upcoming" new work, he explains a little bit more about; "I made some background silkscreenprints on double A0-sized paper at the GAD Eindhoven , pouring inks freely in the screen. With my friend Bas operating the squeegee and me folding the papers and (half-)controlling the colours." See more;

These following pictures are from Sao Paulo where Koen is (in these days 4, 5, 6 April) re-working all the pieces above. He is using them as a backgroung and using more tools in order to finish the pieces there at NOVA Festival.


I take this opportunity to publish the following video. It is a collaboration I made using around 100 unique prints that Koen Delaere did also for NOVA. The video shows a tridimensional environment fully texturized with Koen works. The great intense and continuous sound is by Dylan Fisher who also has been published here several times because of his visual work.

I recommend to see it on full screen + HD.