04 April 2012

Daniel Temkin

Daniel Temkin makes still and interactive pieces stemming from different forms of miscommunication, often built as uneasy collaborations with the computer. I'm featuring two of his projects which are related with glitches and errors produced by the use of basic softwares such as Photoshop. The first one is called Glitchometry, Daniel describes; each image begins as one or a few black squares or circles. They are sonified -- imported into an audio editor. Sound effects are added to individual color channels, as if they were sound, transforming the image. Because the tool is used in an unconventional way, there is no immediate way to monitor the effect. The image manipulator has a sense of what each effect does, but no precise control over the result. It is a wrestling with the computer, the results of which are these images. See more;

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Dither Studies

"A collaboration with Photoshop. I give the program an impossible task: to draw a solid color or gradient with a palette of incompatible colors, thus exposing the dithering algorithm's complex, seemingly irrational patterns. These are exhibited as large-scale prints, or on screen."

Daniel only used the indexed color mode from Photoshop to make this series, see the full series here.  Then "Dither Studies" were released under Creative Commons and since that time, other artists have created remixes and their own work using this technique, such as Phil Stearns, who is creating textiles of his Dither pieces, and has shown variations of them on London bus-tops.