21 March 2012

A Wind God’s Passage to the Funeral Games

"A Wind God’s Passage to the Funeral Games" is the title for one of the latest works of Yoshi Sodeoka. This short is a component of a longer video work called Sibyl, created in collaboration with composer Daron Murphy to be released later this year. If you know well Yoshi's works you will notice there are some few small clips from his older films, as he told us the idea behind is that this video shows a quick flashback/daydream sequence of the whole project. See more;

"The Sibyl of Cumae was an ancient Greek prophetess who received pilgrims from the far reaches of civilization. Her prophecies, written on oak leaves in a sacred cave, would send recipients into a mystical rapture, where spirits of nature and numerological riddles would reveal human destiny.

“…Passage to the Funeral Games” captures the immersive, primordial experience of ancient prophecy and brings it to our present day, where imagination manifests in pixels and binary code, the purity of the natural world has been compromised, and magic has been made literal by technology (The piece was conceptualized during the Japan earthquakes and its nuclear meltdown of 2011). As “Passage” progresses, geometric forms move through space, like otherworldly calibrating devices, working to correct humanity’s violence against nature. We are taken into a dreamlike escape from the dread of a polluted Earth, where even apocalyptic events can yield visions of hope."

Work commissioned for Random Acts a project by Channel 4 & Dazed & Confused.