09 March 2012

Super RT by Kim Asendorf

If you are an usual reader of Triangulation Blog you may have noticed I follow very close Kim Asendorf's artistic carrier, he is probably one of the artists most featured over here. His works involve a large area of digital art, mostly by transporting stuff from the internet into the real life and vice versa. He works very experimental with generative strategies, physical computing, data and glitch. One of his latest works doesn't follow any visual aesthetics but works on the concept about stealing tweets! Yes, the project is called SUPER RT, consisting in an application created for twitter (the multi retweet machine) which allows the user to search tweets and steal them in a batch. See more;

So, have you ever stolen a tweet? Just by copying and pasting tweets without the use of the ReTweet.. now you have an app designed for, which allows you to publish until 50 tweets at a time, speaking about the same thing, basically by stealing them of course without accreditation or RT, you will became the new author of.. what about the copyrights on tweets..  Kim Asendorf tells us more about;

"Who says what on Twitter? News report on, tabloids anyway, and sure, brands pay for. Celebraties are selling insidious advertising on Twitter. For example, Charlie Sheen's Tweets are priced at 40.000$ for commercial usage. The value of a Tweet depends on the amount of people read it, that's obvious, but how about copyrights? Is the thought of copyright protected Tweets absurd? An official Retweet always mentions the author, but how could the author proof that he is the author?

Twitter allows only to browse through the latest 3,200 Tweets, all older have lost their author and therefore their copyright. It doesn't make sense to make screenshots of Tweets, or to store them in private databases, it's to easy to fake.

Tweets can not be intellectual property, they are subject to the freedom of copy."


On the other hand Kim Asendorf is being part (23 February – 22 March) of Astral Projection Abduction Fantasy curated by Standard Features at Monster Truck Gallery in Dublin, Ireland. Kim is exhibiting a extended version of his "Solo Show in Sim City" piece, see the video here.