21 March 2012

Selfsurfing by Jonas Lund

Jonas Lund has created a new project called "Selfsurfing" it consist in a Chrome extension which lets  users to watch what Jonas is surfing. It acts as a browser mirror, it is a clone which works in real time,  you can see in every single moment what he is doing on the internet (using Chrome), and what tabs are he handle. 
Jonas has announced (today 20th March) he is going to do a non-stop surfing for the next 24h, he has  started today at 12pm EST (17:00 CET). As Jonas says the browser has a server extension installed which transmits the current state of [his' browser to a intermediate server, which holds all relevant information.". See more;

In the few minutes I have been following Jonas through his Selfsurfing app, I saw how he visited many different websites, goolge reader, facebook, twitter, but like he explains to Rhizome in a little interview they made him before launching it; "The way the extension works is that it clones the tabs of my browser, so if I surf to my Facebook, you will see your Facebook. So in that sense the social network privacy is maintained, but for the duration of the 24 hours Chrome will be the one and only browser."

To check if it works in real time I asked him through twitter (@jonas_lund) to visit triangulationblog.com and he did! (thanks!). I have also read in a public pad he has opened right now and is using it as a public chat to speak and interact with other people who has already installed Selfsurfing, that if he visits soundcloud or last.fm and he plays the sound player the music is not going to autoplay itself if you don't play it, but he found another way to share in real time what music he's listening, if he plays the videos on Youtube you will watch and listen them in live! 

I recommend to install this Chrome extension by Jonas Lund and to have a look to what he is doing. It only  happens today! Don't know if he will repeat this. Good work Jonas! (don't hesitate to visit Triangulation all the times you want, specially today ;)

UPDATE: Jonas will be surfing today (20th March) along 24 hours straight because of its launching, afterwards it will just go on and on as he usually browses around..

Download Selfsurfing here.
Read more about the project at Rhizome.