17 March 2012

Ruins in the distance by Daniel Karlsson

"Ruins in the distance" is a visual performance series made by composer and musician Daniel Karlsson. The following videos have been recorded in real time meanwhile Daniel played the visuals using physical controllers, changing the parameters of the audio and video synthesis. 
Daniel describes the audio is made by means of digital feedback in a computer and the video is the result of analysis of the audio. The visuals show some multiplied basic geometric shapes such as spheres and cylinders which take the analysis data from the audio. See more;

All of the following videos are real time performances.

World Domination took place the last 19th January 2012 at Fylkingen. Performed by Jonatan Liljedahl using SuperCollider, Mattias Petersson using SuperCollider and modular synthesizers, and on the right is  Daniel Karlsson using SuperCollider, Audiomulch and projection.