02 March 2012

Protey Temen

"The basic principle of my work is description of my environment. And I am more interested in looking for structural connections and work with symbolic solutions but not the detailed documentary images. I transform the skeleton of the phenomenon I’m interested in, with the help of language of graphic arts which ideally suits my idea due to its dismissal from objects. Only cut-outs and stains are left which form independent compositions. Mind and heart as extreme points of the thought-pendulum." See more;

I've published some audiovisual works by Protey, but I highly recommend to visit his website and check out all the awesome graphic and sculptural work featured over there. Lots of textures, patterns and forms! proteytemen.com/

About Protey Temen_

"My approach to work is to a large extent conditioned by design laws. For me, the sign is a greater element than just an iconographic image of some idea. It is the core of the system. On the one hand, it is a minimum structural member, and on the other hand, it is the compressed structure. Poster or any other graphic work is interesting for me only as a means of description of the environment, where this sign exists. When I thought about it, I started my work over the constantly developing series “Abstract branding”, where sign serve as keys to new stories and a greater part of graphic works are advertisement posters, the visual documentation of these systems. "

Passion Sculptures

These organic creatures were designed by Protey Temen for BYOB Venice which took place at the Venice Biennale last summer. I recommend to watch this other video (here) which shows the sculptures floating everywhere at the biennale.


Mechanics Logotype

Mechanics Logotype video was created for the Media Pole exhibition in Seoul, Korea. It's being shown on huge 11m-height screens. This version is made of cut and recollated pieces, the original piece resolution is 480 x 4480.