15 March 2012

Propulsion Painting by Evan Roth

Today 14th March opens a new solo exhibition by Evan Roth called "Welcome to Detroit" at Eastern Michigan University.Is Detroit where Evan has been living and working for this exhibition along six weeks, preparing new works like the Propulsion Painting series, (see the videos into the post). In this exhibition Evan is going to show some of his latest projects made over the last and current year such as Skymall Liberation, Personal Internet Cache Archive, One GIF composition among other experimental and also funny works. See more;

"Evan Roth's exhibition, Welcome to Detroit, will feature nearly all-new work, much of it made during his residency. The work follows his core conceptual framework of appropriating popular culture and combining it with a hacker's philosophy to highlight how small shifts in visualization can allow us to see our environment with new eyes, whether online, at home, in the city or at the airport. His work acts as both a mirror and vault to contemporary society, creating work that reflects and withstands a world of rapid advancements in computing power, changing screen resolution and repainted city walls.

For Welcome to Detroit, Evan mines everything from the spray paint can, to hip-hop music, to airplane shopping magazines and flight safety cards, resulting in a show that moves freely across media, but always with a sense of pop cultural pranksterism. From individual art objects to video pieces to documentation, the work is designed to simultaneously serve as a record of activity and creative output, while also underscoring important issues concerning copyright, public space, and our offline and online identities." Curated by Gregory Tom.

Welcome To Detroit by Evan Roth 
March 14 to April 2, 2012
Eastern Michigan University's University Gallery - map.