15 March 2012

Jeremy Couillard

Jeremy Couillard makes vibrant, hard-edged, acrylic paintings that incorporate video and sculptural elements, imagining new spaces and objects that out-of-control technology might create. His world is one of colorful and disorienting spaces filled with strange gadgetry and furniture that summon a bygone idea of possibilities and hopes we once had for technology. See more;

"My most recent work combines painting, video and sculpture to create an exaggerated, maximalist view of contemporary spaces and imagined technological wonderlands. The bright colors, taped-off edges and interactive surfaces of the paintings are amalgams of landscape and interior images as well as geometric designs that exist at some intersection of biology and technology. The viewer is often invited to interact with the artworks by turning knobs, pressing buttons, listening to sounds and watching embedded videos on digital screens." 

"In my past life, when i was a conquistadora, I got lost in the amazon down tiputini river, on a canoe with shamanic hepatoligitists who used estrous cycles to predict the future. We capsized and were rescued on the backs of alligators and ended up in a florescent village that was run by deranged cartographers who were mapping out elements that Mendeleev would never know about. Topological quantum computing with jungle potions,  panther bones and protein receptors. The cartographers told me: “You have the most incredible cellular structure we’ve ever seen.” They mixed my hair with the reddish bark of a yew tree  to make a phosphorescent wax. With the wax they constructed an idol. It had wires in its mouth. I connected the wires to my arm and received an infusion of a mitotic poison that sent me on a vision quest 500 years in the future where i was selling homemade healing machines and Tibetan ceremony daggers on Amazon, making viral videos of kittens sleeping with lions, lost in a crowded city of restaurants and atheists. When I came back I spent several weeks with the shamans and cartographers We discovered a cave of microscopic transistors and used them to build a canoe. We set it in the water, said our goodbyes and continued the journey downriver." - Jeremy Couillard


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