15 March 2012

Inward Conch ~ Upward Spiral by Brenna Murphy

I'm mesmerized after playing with the new work by Brenna Murphy featured in the ongoing exhibition at KlausGallery. Inward Conch ~ Upward Spiral is an interactive game consisting in a tridimensional world, an architectural environment fully texturized with psychedelic static and moving textures by Brenna Murphy. (the architectural elements of the 3D environment are not only constructed by Murphy). It is a looped game with four different stages, when you pass the last one, you fall into the first one again. In the following pictures you can have a look to the aesthetics of the different room/spaces, but I highly recommend to play it and see how the textures move, my favorite one is the last space which presents a crazy liquify animated texture, it reminds me of a mix ofwater and mercury, must to see!. Each room has a different sound on the background also created by Murphy. It is not an online based game but downloadable for Mac and Pc, the user play with the keyboard and moves the camera with the mouse. See more;

Brenna Murphy: Inward Conch ~ Upward Spiral
March 13 – 26, 2012

Download it at KlausGallery.net
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