01 March 2012

IHSE by Esther Hunziker

"IHSE by Esther Hunziker is a series of autonomous architectural buildings. Each photo shows a geometric figure, which overrides the forms of classical architecture. There is no roof nor a base, no top or bottom. The buildings float in the void. Architecture which looks like concrete capsules through which one can move into a different space-time continuum. The interactive online version of the photo series IHSE, responds to the mouse movements of the user. You hear a spherical, meditative sound in the background. Architectural buildings float slowly in empty space and endlessly multiply themselves out of themselves. They grow to a certain size until they divide into two. By moving the mouse the user can intervene in this process, slow down or accelerate the growth and turnaround the direction of the IHSE travel." See more; 

See the work here. The feeling with the mouse is good and smooth. I recommend to experiment with the interactive piece, it is nice to see how it works. I like how fast each different piece start, I also like when the pointer is stopped the visual continues moving smoothly. 

IHSE is a recently project added to the Rhizome's Artbase.

via | Rhizome