30 March 2012


KOKOFREAKBEAN tells us about his new chaotic work;
"GOD KNOX is my gentle, fart-like blitz of a myth revolving around the creation of divinities. It begins with a zesty summoning ritual betwixt several tranny shamans and ends with a personal nirvana. After becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the 2D jigsaw flatness of my previous work, I intended this project to feature more three-dimensional environments and slightly more protracted pacing. This new emphasis allowed me to dwell on compositions and apply more new techniques than ever before. I must declare that I am tempted to disown, mutilate, hambone, and honor kill most of my previous video work due to the healthily robust quality of the mental boner induced by my buxom new video animal, but I will resist that urge as long as infanticide strikes me as distasteful. Please enjoy and spread my sweet beast to the farthest corners of this diseased multiverse so that it may heave and splinter towards something approximating infinity. And blah blah blah." See more;

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