29 February 2012

Speculative Apps by Dominik Strzelec

Dominik Strzelec is currently working on a series of little design apps, focusing on specific aspects of the architecture, according with him a kind of architecture I would like to see built! Strzelec also known as echoechonoisenoise is creating these applications to explore an interactive way into the architectonic field, experimenting with forms, textures and structures. See more;

Strzelec proposes some questions about; "Architecture discourse is traditionally shaped by drawings and critical writings. What happens, if they are interactive and easily translatable to the fabrication maschines code? What if they’re source is open, so that anyone can contribute?" 

The applications have been created by working on remixes and fusions from other works by:
‘Saturation’ is a remix of Tommaso Casucci‘s ’3d BZreaction’, which in turn is a quick mod of Alasdair Turner’s ‘BZ reaction’. I merged it with a little simplified version of my former ‘fusion’ codes and added ‘floorslabs’ using Shane Nelson’s ‘scalar field polygonisation‘.

App + code here.


Sound: D. W. Kim "Music for Space Cowboys"

Serious Saturation - Interactive version

Further exploration of effects resulting from scale alteration: oscilating patterns of bz reaction as well as color interferences become more readible. It is as well evident, that this is just a sample within a bounding box." 

Sound: Hypercell

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