29 February 2012

Sensual Objects by Chris Timms

While ago I published one GIF by Chris Timms I found on tumblr, this one. I was mesmerized about the flow, colors and forms. Then I started to follow his work through his tumblr called sensualobjects.tumblr.com where he only publish work made by him, it is a world full of organic objects who live and move according to the rhythm of the internet. 
One week ago Chris has just launched a new visual work, a 01.55 min video piece which follows the same aesthetics of that previously named GIF. See more;

Chris Timms tells us more about this piece_
"I was experimenting making these quite sexualised and stylised gif's, and the ones that stood out for me always had this kind of submerged sensual quality, beyond the intented aesthetic ascribed to their surface. Practically, Tumblr's size restrictions quickly pushed me on to make a video, but I became really interested in the way video is still the primary form of distribution for trailers or introductions to bigger projects, in that they are the primary (and often only) encounter with the work. So I worked somewhat backwards, presenting this as a completely self-contained promo."  

Sensual Object is being part of the great monthly exhibition called Astral Projection Abduction Fantasy curated by Standard Features at Monster Truck Gallery in Dublin, Ireland. The screening dates: 23 February – 22 March 2012; 5pm-12pm daily. I highly recommend to attend, see more info here.