23 February 2012

Search by image - Sebastian Schmieg

One of the latest works of Sebastian Schmieg is called "Search by image" the same name as the Google's feature which was launched last year and lets users search by image, and he used for this  project. Sebastian made different huge researches of images by using a recursive process, he started with one image, then search again with result from the previous search, and the same with the next result, etc. He wrote some scripts to make the process easier. Finally Sebastian presented the different searches through videos, displaying the images following the same order he did searching the images. 
In the first video below, into the  post, he started from a transparent png,  and then searching recursively for almost 3000 times. You can see more tests on his site. See more;

UPDATE (August 22, 2012): Sebastian Schmieg made an online-live version of Search by image >>>  http://sebastianschmieg.com/searchbyimage/live/. This live version documents a real-time-time recursive search that began with an empty, transparent image. Each image is chosen by Google's “search by image” algorithm as the one looking most similar to the previous image. Every time somebody is on the page, the recursive search continues. 

Search by Image, Recursively, Transparent PNG, #1
Starting with a transparent png (400×225px) 2951 images, 12fps

Similar Images, Associatively, Transparent GIF
Starting with a transparent "spacer" gif (50×50px) 677 images, 12fps