16 February 2012

Rooms by Sara Ludy

Klausgallery presents a new solo show by Sara Ludy, who is featuring a new work called Rooms, it is the latest from her series “Space Portraits. As Klausgallery describes; Sara Ludy’s new video “Rooms” shows the artist’s spatial explorations of models from Google’s SketchUp 3D Warehouse. An ominous synthetic soundtrack accompanies Ludy’s ethereal manipulations of architectural space. See more; 

"Her interest in the creative constraints of “defaults” of both architecture and software manifests in the work in the models chosen, as well as in the textures created by Ludy using a simple browser-based painting tool common in online forums.

The artist-composed soundtrack, diligent video composition, and original textures are tempered by more oblique gestures, such as the choice by Ludy to re-photograph the piece by means of a projector in physical space prior to uploading to YouTube, reflecting her capacity to balance auteuristic experimentation with an acceptance of the essential unity of physical and idealized spaces." - Klausgallery

View exhibition and more info about Sara Ludy and her new work at Klausgallery.net