24 February 2012

Pinar & Viola - Go

"Go" is one of the latest great visual projects by Pinar & Viola. A video created for a collaborative single (Go) by Diplo and Dutch DJ/producer Oliver Twizt, available for release here.
The work shows a psychedelic environment featuring various clips of greyhounds racing through different internet browsers and video players. Not everything has been edited in the video, Pinar & Viola designed a bunny webcam application, which makes you incarnate as the bunny, like the starring actor of the video. You can download it here, it was developed by Hilal Koyuncu. See more;

Pinar & Viola_
"Pinar Demirdag and Viola Renate, form an independent design duo which creates hyper detailed surfaces by 'scanning' the contemporary visual culture, and 'printing' ecstatic surfaces in return. Colossal visual gestures, hyper intricate detail and excessive embellishment fill our collaged designs to the brim. By transposing, fusing and altering its elements, we aim to subvert conventional compositions."