22 February 2012

Network Time by Spiros Hadjidjanos

Network Time is an internet based unit system created by Spiros Hadjidjanos late 2011, it consists of several Wi-Fi routers arranged in the gallery space providing free Internet access to visitors. The LED that reflects the data-traffic of each router is extended along a fiber optic cable magnifying its flicker. Although the devices look only physically modified, the artist has altered the operating system of each router, to manipulate the fluctuation of the fiber optics. See more;

"With Network Time, Hadjidjanos proposes the measurement of time in units of information or using a router as a clock. A minute is a gigabyte and a terabyte an hour. Time is measured based on the information received. It is a concept relevant to “radical network empiricism” as described by the new media theorist Adrian Mackenzie. In our contemporary Post-Network condition the amount of information we receive changes our perception of temporality. The emergence of the Internet stretched across time and space and revealed that clock time is not an absolute milieu against which we synchronize and quantify time, but rather a human construction that has very little to do with time other than serving as an inflexible way of measuring duration. In this case, the routers, as technological objects suggest a technical yet subjective and non-isochronic time measurement." - Kwadrat

Wireless router, custom router firmware, fiber optic light, electronics. Dimensions variable.

Pictures above are at Kwadrat, the one below at The Future Gallery.