15 February 2012


Rafael Rozendaal - “Intotime.com” edition of 10

After seven months working on, last week Sterling Crispin finally launched his new project called Netstyl.es, a very limited collection of t-shirts designed by well known artists on the internet. In this first edition the six artists participating are; Rafael RozendaalRyder RippsSterling CrispinTabor RobakTravis Egedy, and Laura Brothers
Like I have already said the series is very limited, consisting in 10 copies each design, awesome collectable pieces. I really like Sterling's new project, because I also see it as a great way to promote and support the artists participating on, a big part of the profits go directly to them.  Sterlin tells us more about Netstyl.es. See more;

"I wanted to provide a common platform for contemporary artists to experiment with, and make physical what would otherwise be a digital form. Rafael Rozendaal for example used one of his websites, and my work is a comment on Tumblr aesthetics, the dissolvement of authorship, and naive digital artworks. Netstyl.es is digital art translated into physical forms, and I think clothing is a fresh and fun take on limited edition prints. The T-Shirts are connected to the Internet by concept and style. I think they act as hyperlinks in physical space to emerging concepts that artists are addressing on the Internet. Designing clothes, or industrial objects, is something a lot of artists think about and I could see the need for this sort of platform for experimentation to exist.

The first group of 6 artists is going to be expanded upon, I'm in conversation with the next series of artists already and I am very excited about it. They will all be limited to 10 shirts per design, which are individually printed and labeled with the artist name, title, and edition number on the back left of the shirt. Nearly all of the profits from sales go directly to the artists." - Sterling Crispin.

See all details at www.netstyl.es
Ryder Ripps - “Ode to Glass Popcorn” edition of 10.

Sterling Crispin - “Morphogenesis” edition of 10.

Tabor Robak - “Tetsuo Shirt” edition of 10.

Travis Egedy - “Trance End”  edition of 10.

Laura Brothers - “Space Sport Skin Suit” edition of 10.