22 February 2012

Lambeaux by Nicolas Boillot

Lambeaux is a work in progress by Nicolas Boillot, who is studying a Ph.D in audiovisual aesthetic in the LARA, a research laboratory of the university of Toulouse, France. This work is part of his thesis which is focused on the remix in digital art. Nicolas is making real time video installation using Openframeworks

In “Lambeaux”, the television stream is taken as raw material, a material lacerated by a process of motion capture which extract in real time all the pixel that have changed during the broadcast. Those fragments are captured and recast, in a spatial-temporal way, on a twenty-four images loop. See more (the following GIFs are quite heavy, wait to load them please);

The accumulation process takes place within the contours of past images and the way pixels are then reorganized in real time produces a jagged image with unreal effects - a ghostly memory of the video flux, a colorful palimpsest where fragments of motion and time coexist.

Nicolas is looking for a way to export the video without dropping frame in openframeworks. For now he has exported some tests on GIF format.

Lambeaux will be exhibited as a live video installation (using local TV broadcast) in Le Hublot at Nice, France from the 17th of March to the 8th of April 2012.

thanks for the tip Filip!