07 February 2012

Jeffrey Plaide

Jeffrey Plaide_
"I am very interested in creating synthetic and electronic compositions, treatments and arrangements and using electronic music and visual synthesis techniques to realise complex and abstract concepts. My prime inspiration comes from the work carried out by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and its creative pioneers using electronic sounds and tape collage mixes. I am also interested in pure audio and video synthesis techniques, including modular analogue music synthesis systems and modular video synthesis tools and practices." - Jeffrey Plaide. See more;

The Gallium Machine Introspection

"The Gallium Machine Introspection is an original entirely electronic experimental composition using primarily the SynFactory 1.15 modular software synthesizer. The work has a mechanical and synthetic feel created by the various simultaneous rhythms and synthesized melody lines. The work is surreal, having overtones of particle physics imaginings and atomic explorations, brought about by the metallic sound combinations and abstract convoluting visuals. To start, four different SynFactory sequences were created, looped and repeated at various intervals, but always with the same time reference. The second using eight sine and triangle oscillators mixed together with the first four ring modulated. The output is fed through multiple delays, and two pure sinewave sequences added to the mix. The whole sequence was driven by the 16-step sequencer." - Jeffrey Plaide. (See more info about this piece here)

Polymorphic Involution Scintillator

"Polymorphic Involution Scintillator is an unusual electronic experimental composition using various VST software instruments to create the rhythms and melody lines as well as pure signal generation tones created by raw waveforms such as sine and filtered sawtooth chords. The effect achieved is a regulated rhythmic track with electronic, sample and signal generation elements, creating transcendental evolving synthesizer combinations with ethereal "spangle" effects. " - Jeffrey Plaide. (See more info about this piece here)

Selenium Noise Rollover Experiment

"Selenium Noise Rollover Experiment is an original electronically-produced loop-based experimental composition, inspired by the tape-collage experiments and rhythmic electronic arrangements produced by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the early years. This work uses the computer as a tape recorder and tape splicing block. All of the base tones, chords and combinations of sounds are produced by the internal signal generators of the Adobe Audition software." - Jeffrey Plaide. (See more info about this piece here

Darkwave Singularity of the Borderland Agencies

"Darkwave Singularity of the Borderland Agencies is an original purely electronic experimental darkwave ambient music soundscape, designed to evoke feelings of mystery, the unknowable and that which cannot be defined nor described. The outer space of ambient synthesis is explored with evolving textures and shimmering metallic chambers of resonant tones and ring-modulated combinations." - Jeffrey Plaide. (See more info about this piece here

Electric Swell Evanescent Development

"Electric Swell Evanescent Development is an original experimental electronic music composition using various kinds of software packages and VST instruments to create an up-tempo and unusual electronic development. The work is built up from recorded segments of the software output and arranged together as a form of aural collage." - Jeffrey Plaide. (See more info about this piece here

Videofeedback Accelerations

"Videofeedback Accelerations uses a twin-camera video feedback setup and image processing through a digital vision mixer. Each section is mixed into the next with several optical passes making up each separate image acceleration. The piece comprises optical video feedback and internal digital feedback to create a surreal composition of growth and order counterpoint." - Jeffrey Plaide