12 January 2012

(re):media by Krista Wortendyke

(re):media by Krista Wortendyke, 2009.
"Although most of us have never experienced war, we are surrounded by its imagery. (Re): media is an exploration of the way imagery and information from movies, videogames, newspapers, and the Internet come together to form our perception of war. Having never experienced war first-hand I am forced to put my faith in mediated expressions of the thing itself. By combining the imagery I pillage from all these sources, there is a possibility that what I am creating is more real than the individual images themselves. Explosions are war's most universal and most spectacular signifiers. We are never falling short of this imagery. I have made use of these magnetizing images to show not only how the lines between fiction and non-fiction blur, but also to show how a mediated experience can become indecipherable from a real experience." - Krista Wortendyke. See more;