04 January 2012

Oliver Payne - Keiichi Tanaami at Studiolo

Perfect Cherry Blossom is an exhibition by Keiichi Tanaami, 1936 and Oliver Payne, 1977, at Studiolo, Zurich. "The exhibition title is not only a symbol for flourishing spring and peace but also the name of one of the most advanced and violent Japanese Bullet Hell Games. A video game made by gamers for gamers from a time before the gaming industry turned into a home entertainment device." See more;

"In Oliver Payne’s collages (images below) stickers of Japanese Bullet Hell Games are arranged on torn out pages of an ancient Greek sculpture catalogue. Payne transforms the violent imagery of these videogames into psychedelic explosions of color. Greek statues serve as a background and a reminder of the fantasy worlds produced in Japanese arcade games, which often picture rural Europe. Sounds of an arcade field recording give a notion of manic playfulness towards the exhibited works.

In the films by Keiichi Tanaami (see some of these films .mov at Contemporary Art Daily) pop culture from east and west meet. Abstracted, post-traumatic impressions from the Great Tokyo Air Raid are combined with LSD fantasies and aesthetics of consumption merge with hallucinatory erotic desires. Tanaami is one of the most influential Pop Art artists of post-war Japan. His work had a great impact on a younger generation of artists working with pop aesthetics in Japan and abroad like Oliver Payne." - Studiolo

Perfect Cherry Blossom
Keiichi Tanaami and Oliver Payne   
November 17th 2011 – January 28th 2012 at Studiolo